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18 Oct 2021

Weeknote 18th October 2021

Last week

  • Gave some training on common cyber security attacks, moving on to ransomware next session, where the challenge is limiting so much available material.
  • Discussions on exercises with James Bore, other collaborators welcome.
  • Some mentoring of a rookie speaker for BSides London on an interesting analogical approach they’re taking
  • One of my game designs is getting out of hand, I’m regarding a lot of what I’ve done as “design notes” listing intriguing but rejected ideas once I publish something.
  • I’m behind on scheduling meetings so I worked through some automated and semi-automated scheduling services, which just made me more bitter about the state of the technology in general; and also means I understand why virtual assistants are still so popular.
  • I had my last coaching session with a kind of business coach, which has helped change my mind on the benefits of coaching. Get in touch if you want a recommendation.
  • I attended the Autumn virtual meeting of Wargame Developments, a couple of sessions anyway. They/we are putting an updated version of the “WD Handbook” together, to act as a guide and introduction to the group. I’m very interested to see what comes out of that process.
  • For years I’ve had an idea for a kind of “psychic massage” app, something that would give you an emotional boost when needed and/or at random - a lot of people, myself included, find those “you’ve got this” messages inspiuring even though we know how vaccous their source is. But it’s on the big pile of possible ideas, whereas Sarah and Leila have done something with their Feel Better Cards; worth checking out.
  • In having done these weeknotes for a while now, I realise how often I would type out the same thing every week - for example trying to build something to make money, while also needing to earn money doing “day rate” work; also I realise how much I achieve, but also how unrealistic my plans are for what I can achieve each week. I wonder if the bottom of each weeknote should have an “ongoing whines” section, with a counter…