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They keep saying my audience will find me…

24 Jun 2023

About Me

I’m interested in, and intrigued by, many things. Most notably by aspects of cyber security but especially the non-technical side; by wargaming as a practice and a methodology, by systems thinking and systems thinkers, and by the benefits of curation over collation.

I’m currently trying to answer the following questions, in no particular order1:

  • How can we measure the appropriateness of an analogy?
  • How can I help bring the benefits of professional wargaming to a wider audience?
  • What is the easiest and simplest way to create a platform for text and image based online games over existing services?
  • What is a strategy, and how do you separate it from doctrine, or tactics, or a plan, or a playbook?
  • Which variants of popular games make them useful and educational, or at least more fun?
  • What general strategies improve the likelihood of victory regardless of specific context?
  • What is the offensive equivalent of DAMROD-C; and what are the differences in red team thinking against an adversary, and against an idea?
  • How do I enable sidenotes on this blog, inspired by Danila Fedorin’s blog post:
  • How to make money from my generalist approach, and my predominent interest in the connections and similarities between fields, rather than specialisms.
  • How virtual or modelled representations of phenomenon, such as game economies, can help us understand their more complex counterparts.
  • How can Zero Knowledge Proofs by useful in enabling players to exchange assumptions without exchanging knowledge in un-facillitated games?

I intend to keep this site as simple as possible, for easy accessibility by people and programs alike, and also for my benefit.

My work website is here: , it has been updated and upgraded, I should make more of that.

This blog will have no posting schedule.

  1. With a hat-tip to Meredith for putting this down so plainly, inspired by her list here:↩︎