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02 Dec 2022

Looking for a new keyboard

My current keyboard is a Perixx PX-1200 Illuminated Gaming Keyboard but it’s wearing out, and they don’t make them any more, so I’m looking at different models. As is often the case with technology, I don’t think my requirements are that unusual, but then I start looking for something I think is common, and it doesn’t exist. So in the hope that someone who reads this ( probably because I pointed them at it ) has better knowledge than I do, I’ve listed my requirements here.

Of course this isn’t that important for most people, but I’m at the same desk for at least eight hours a day every day, if not a lot more - so for me this is my “interface” to many things.

The Requirements


  • ISO format: the standard UK layout, rather than ANSI. It affects the size of the Return key and where the “pipe” key is. More here.
  • UK layout: Rather than a European version of the ISO layout. I mean I think I’m just too used to where the keys are now… I think… I’m like 95% sure of this.
  • All the keys: so that’s a 105 key keyboard for the UK layout.
  • Backlighting: with fading eyesight I find this too useful not to want,
  • Driverless: I used my keyboard plugged into a KVM ( well, several KVMs, but that’s for another time ) so it needs to just be a keyboard.
  • USB connectivity: as above.
  • Quiet - I don’t need a mechanical keyboard, and I worked in a shared area ( technically it’s a dining room, but practically it’s just a corridor ).
  • ScrLk and NumLk: The Scroll Lock and Numpad Lock keys need to be standard sized as I use them often. ( I think, would you like an extended discussion about Avocent KVMs? )
  • Super_R: this being the “Windows” key on the right hand of the keyboard. Not something I use a lot, but often enough that it’s something I’d like. It seems incompatible with wanting an illuminated keyboard though….
  • Menu key: like the “Super_R” this is a key I don’t use often, but I do use it, and it’s often lost in favour of a Fn key on illuminated keyboards instead.
  • Cheap: I can’t afford expensive experiments, so I’m looking at under £50, under £30 preferably. Yes, I would like the moon on a stick.

Things I probably don’t need

  • Macro keys: I like the idea, but these fall into the “solution looking for a problem” category.
  • Tenkeyless: I like the idea of my trackball mouse being less far away from the keyboard ( I’ve had RSI at least once, and been close to it several more times ) but using a tenkeyless keyboard with a separate numberpad for ScrLk and NumLk will make my already complicated setup too complicated.
  • Media keys: yet again, “I like the idea”, but I very rarely use these.
  • Wrist rest: my current keyboard has one of these built in, although it’s just a piece of hard plastic. I figure I can buy one of these if the keyboard is high enough.

My current keyboard is slowly becoming worse and worse, as you’d imagine considering I said I was going to write up these requirements in weeknotes from August 2021; currently four keys have worn down faces. So if you’ve any suggestions for models I should check out, or websites I should visit, please email them to keyboard at Thank you.