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16 Aug 2021

Weeknote 16th August 2021

My further attempts at “working out loud”. I realised this should be called “weeknote”, learnt from Matt Ballantine’s latest post; I appear to be three years behind the trend.

Last week

  • 90% done with a new layout for my company website, but still with what feels like 90% of the work left to do.
  • Looked for a new office chair, but I appear to be the wrong shape with the wrong height table
  • Apparently random things starting to fail due to age, my Xbox360 and my lower back being the most notable this week
  • Looked again for a new keyboard, my requirements don’t feel that unusual but I can’t find anything that matches; I’ll blog about that at some point
  • A few nice chats with new contacts and new customers; I appear to have been carrying out “relationship marketing” by accident over the last few years
  • I’m still amazed, thinking about a couple of communities I belong to, on how such smart people can under-estimate or downplay their own abilities
  • I’m still surprised, even after so long, on what smart and useful friends I have if I just make the time to ask them something
  • Ostensibly to relax, I played some Rocket League and Spellbreak for free on Nvidia’s GeForceNow service. Doing so is partly just a break, but it’s always interesting to see how well or how badly ad-hoc teams work together, I’d love to see some statistics. Similarly, I wonder how well teams co-operate in Hell Let Loose under more organised conditions.
  • Contined playtesting of an online game set in the Vietnam War, interesting to see how far the game has diverted from the direction I expected already

This week

  • Keep fighting software, mainly rdiff-backup I expect.
  • Those work opportunities are still “hovering”, this is the best and worst aspect of freelancing.
  • Condense the scribbled set of “to do” lists next to me into one list, preferably by doing some of the things on it
  • Actually read a book, again
  • Update that Inky game, make it a little easier: Lost Key