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27 Sep 2021

Weeknote 27th September 2021

Last week

  • I appeared on the Circuit Podcast, describing the benefits of wargaming in all forms of security practice.
  • I had a sales call that meant I didn’t get the work, just due to me not being the right fit. However the customer thanked me for being “candid”; which is now my favourite descriptive term for my approach behind “external security brain”.
  • I attended some of another CTG Intelligence conference, always interesting to hear what a different aspect of the security industry has to say.
  • I attended the second set of 44Con talks; I was disappointed that this game was cancelled but I’m seeing more and more signals that there’s a strong future in cyber wargaming.
  • It was a particularly busy week, so I combined a business meeting with James Bore’s open office - I like to think that worked out well, and useful conversations were had.
  • I was one of the members of the Control Team for “Last People on Earth”, a megagame set in the 1st century, working with Stone Paper Scissors.
  • I enjoyed watching the third week of the NFL season, although my team were disappointing.