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23 Dec 2021

Team sports as an emerging theme...

My previous week:

Looking back on the previous week, I only realised that “playing as a team” was a common thread through the most significant and/or interesting events when I was putting together this weeknote.

  • I watched a presentation by CrowdSec a “free and open-source collaborative IPS”. I need to experiment with the software, but I was impressed by the team behind it, and their approach to making something like this work while also keeping one eye on the business model. I’d be interested to hear from anyone using it, or with strong experience in how well crowd sourced threat intelligence works out.
  • I took part in a couple of playtests of the Minimator game - operated as part of the work of the Research Institute of Sweden. This is a well put together game, probably aimed at policymakers, to explain basic concepts in how cyber defence and zero day markets work. There’s a lot of work gone into the game, and still a lot to do; but there’s definitely something in this and I’m optimistic about what the project will achieve in future.
  • I was a sounding board for someone working through their career options, and they highlighted how much leading and being part of a team meant to them. I realise that aspect of work probably means more to me than I expected, my involvement in PlaySecure being the most obvious… but increasingly I find myself pushing to work with others before I’ve a fully formed idea. This has led to some promising concepts, but there’s also been many times that hasn’t worked at all after auspicious starts. At some point, but only after something has paid off, I should work out my “completion percentage” on ideas.
  • Separate from that team based theme though, I watched Vivo; a delightful film, well paced, engaging, suitable for children if you’re up for “adult themes” and some definite peril.

Not quite at the level of Hamilton... but still... definite peril...