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Son Of Sun Tzu blog

They keep saying my audience will find me…

especially interested in marvel, but as a concept and enjoy the films rather than the comics

as always, interested in how the real deals with the fantastical - just as an intellectual exercise, but also for what it illustrates, but also because we live in an increasingly fantastical world, so how we deal with AI ( link to accompanying piece ).

Something on nice chat with Naomi here, bluesky, which is public anyway.

To be clear I’m not equating myself with her, but interesting as an insight into how BlueSky is like old Twitter, with more of a level between well known and, er, less well known people.

Heroes ideas:

Something that came up afterwards:

Heroes in engineering and cyber security response, it feels good to fix problems, also it’s more widely recognised to be a problem fixer than a problem preventer ( my own cassandra like offerings, see also y2k ).

So to extend the machinations further, would the Lords create “flase flag” events to show how they’re still relevant and useful?