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01 Nov 2021

Resting a little...

Last Week:

  • I used FreeBusy to schedule some meetings, there’s still some problems with the way I use it to be ironed out, but I still think it’s been relatively smooth rather than trying to organise multiple meetings simultaneously.
  • I attended BeerCon3, which had an impressively diverse range of mainly “rookie” presenters. I kind of drifted in and out so need to catch up with the recordings once they’re on YouTube.
  • My car was in for an MoT, which was a mess for a variety of reasons… a “wrap around” for the service which appeared to just add a two to three hour delay to all communications, inconsistent interpretations of the MoT criteria, and a vehicle manufacturer embracing the concept of built in obsolescence. No-one to really point the finger at, and I think I’ve found a new garage to use much closer than my previous choice, but still a lot of additional overhead I didn’t need.
  • I had a bit of a rest for at least a day, which might be why this post is so sparse. I often advocate for framing such time as “recharging” to others, so decided to heed my own advice.

How I felt over the weekend...