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16 Dec 2021

Lies and Circuses

My previous week:

  • Various tribulations with online stores. Maybe I’m getting old and weary, but it seems harder and harder to just pay for something and then get what you paid for; or to trust any of the online review sites, which are obviously being gamed.
  • I attended the National Cyber Deception Laboratory’s symposium. This was a good day, with some useful and quotable points of view - I expect to blog some summaries of different presentations as they go online. I’ve always been puzzled and frustrated why cyber security, as an industry, doesn’t engage with deception more, hopefully this event is the sign of a change in approach.
  • I attended, and kind of helped run, and spoke at, the Enterprise Circus, which operated under the PlaySecure brand. This was a lot of fun, and I think like main event back in March 2021, it got a few people thinking something new. As always the aim is to just try something a little different, rather than just being yet another conference saying the same thing.

    A different approach to video call backgrounds