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29 Dec 2021

Losing, squeezing, bending.

My previous week:

  • Teams and teamwork was a bit of a theme last week… this week, due to NFL scheduling shenanigans, the team I follow played twice in the same week. The Seattle Seahawks lost both games, taking them out of playoff contention for the first time since I started following them again “full time” back in 2012. It’s been interesting to dip into “Seahawks Twitter” and similar commentary while analysts hypothesise as to why the team is so bad this year; especially to see in another arena how several smart people I trust all have different but well supported opinions.
  • Personally experiencing poor service from several suppliers, and the same at work but from customers. Nothing really to be done about it, it just seems unnecessary and doesn’t benefit anyone involved - I mention it here because that kind of unnecessary friction in life wears me down more than I feel it should, but I don’t know what to do about that.
  • Not much else due to Christmas… which I enjoyed. Thanks to Santa, for dealing with the above friction, I now have access to a Giant Stress Brain.
  • I watched the live action version of The Last Airbender, having finished the excellent Nickelodeon cartoon series earlier in the year. And also because I’ve a definite interest in bad films. I found the film interestingly awful on how it just didn’t work and why - I think there were poor choices all around in plot and pacing and direction and dialogue… I don’t think I know enough to comment on sound design or cinematography. But most notably, the key capability of element bending in the cartoon was astoundingly badly handled in the film… in the cartoon it just worked, in live action the actors would perform a tai chi like set of moves, and there would be element bending happening, but the connection between the two only worked a couple of times throughout the entire movie. They’re not videos I’ve watched myself, but if you want to see it dissected I trust Hello Future Me to do so by reputation alone.

    earth bending... apparently