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25 Oct 2021

Is it me, or is software just awful?

Weeknote 25th October 2021

  • Taking a cue from Sara Campbell of the Foster writing community, I’ve come up with a more interesting title than “Weeknotes”, but maybe this isn’t the most appealing title. Baby steps.
  • I finished watching The Goes Wrong Show which has to be one of the funniest things I’ve watched over the last decade or so, along with Ted Lasso, and Community. I think I tend towards angry and/or painfully intelligent comedy, but we had to institute a house rule not to eat or drink while watching this, to prevent any unfortunate accidents.
  • I’ve been drained and disappointed by the poor threat modelling that leads to the response to the death of Sir David Amess being a call for less Internet anonymity, and the response to the death of Sarah Everard being a call to contact the Police; but I suspect I’ve been naive about the intention behind those suggestions.
  • I gave that training I mentioned last time, on common threats from the Internet, and only had time to scratch the surface when covering ransomware. I can only see that situation getting worse.
  • I thought far too much about The Chair Game; a very simple idea, but surprisingly revealing in what thoughts it prompts. I look forward to playing and/or discussing it at some point.
  • I fell behind on meetings, then fell behind further while looking at automated scheduling services to help me suggest times to several people, without getting into multiple simultaneous games of “email tennis”. I was disappointed at how many were just simplified clones of Calendly, requiring you to spend time in your calendar interface and scheduling interface simultaneously to manage your avalability, when the aim is to save your time. It took quite a while, But I was finally impressed by FreeBusy; particularly by its Guarded Availability functionality.