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24 Jul 2023

How to implement a Table of Contents in the Hugo Vitae theme

This is the “Table of Contents” for this post, something I haven’t been able to do before:

I noticed a Table of Contents appearing by default on my test blog, and as my so-called weeknotes tend to get pretty long, having a ToC working on this live blog would be useful.

To implement this on your own Hugo blog you probably want to do the following:

  1. Go to Julie Codestack‚Äôs blog, which is what I used, and read that through. You might be able to just enable the functionality, but if that doesn’t work, do read on.

  2. Check the Hugo website here on how to configure a Table of Contents in your configuration file, which is probably config.toml.

  3. Grab the “toc.html” file from Parsiya’s github repository and put it into the right directory. Do read the file for instructions.

  4. Use “{{< toc >}}” in your markdown whereever you want the Table of Contents to appear.

If you want a more comprehensive blog explaining all of this, this post by Igor Baiborodine looks useful. But this limited functionality suits me for this multi-functional blog. It’s arguably not as nice as the list of Contents that’s off to the side, as shown on my test blog, but it should work on all screen sizes.

The rest of this document is just some Lorem Ipsum stuff, so you can see how this works.

this is the first level 1 heading

I expect to be playing with different aspects of Hugo “Front Matter” finally, so this is just a post for me to modify at a future date.

this is the second level 1 heading

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this is the first level 2

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this is level 3, indented slightly further

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this is the second level 2

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and this is yet another level 3

This is the end of the page.