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02 Dec 2021

Games, circuses, CISOs, and anti-submarine warfare.

My previous week:

  • Provided some feedback for a game/exercise design, which was enlightening because it’s rare that I’m in that situation, rather than being part of the design or operational team.
  • Some thinking around the forthcoming Enterprise Circus. I’ve some trepedation about whether we can make the Circus metaphor work, but I think that is what makes this event work doing. As per our “pitch”, written by Phelim Rowe, using this metaphor is an “engaging prism”, which I hope will spark some new ideas.
  • I enjoyed attending Level Up: Gamification as an innovative tool for public service design; this was particularly enjoyable due to the talent and experience on display - I essentially watched three people build a pitchable business idea in a little over half an hour. There’s some really interesting things happening in game-based methods right now.
  • I was on a panel at the CISO Ensemble, and ran a panel as well. Running the panel was particularly difficult and enjoyable, great to get a range of views, and to figure out on the fly how to give everyone a chance to speak, forewarn them when they were “up”, while paying enough attention to the conversation.
  • On that particularly busy day I also attended Cardstock; very useful, very interesting, I came out of with lots of ideas and a connection or two. One thing that particularly struck me, it might be observation bias, but for a generally skeptic-minded person like me, some of the greatest insights and mental leaps seemed to come from those with the greatest affinity to “magical” concepts such as astrology and tarot. Something to ponder.
  • I finally made time to watch the Georgetown University Wargaming Society’s recording on WATU, presented by Sally Davis of DSTL. Good points well made, and also packed with useful academic references to strength through diversity.
  • And I continue to play fantasy football, which I find such an interesting way to follow the NFL. For me in-particular it brings home just how big a part injuries play in the game, and the operation of the teams.

A team figuring out CISO as a Team at the CISO Ensemble event