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They keep saying my audience will find me…

26 Jul 2021

26th July 2021

Looking forward and back, 26th July 2021

I’m very wary of journals and journalling, but “work out loud” keeps being recommended more and more, and I’ve seen friends and contacts manage to navigate the line between self-promotion and bluster successfully.

Last week

  • Tried to figure out the antonym of terrorism
  • Thought about a “kind insurgency” organisation and how it would work
  • Made inroads into an umbrella consulting organisation
  • Had a great conversation with a CISO about their career plans, and where the cyber security industry is going
  • Caught up with an old friend who’s a CISO now, and the difficulty of finding the right position, even when you’re in demand
  • Helped umpire an influence modelling wargame, impressive in terms of Control and attendee engagement
  • Attended DSTL’s “Supercharging Science” event, which confirmed a few opinions, and led to useful conversations
  • Attended the CardStock meetup, thought provoking and useful
  • Been rather impressed at the creativity in the Masters of the Universe release
  • Caught up on a lot of newsletters, closed a few tabs

This week

  • Act as an “external security brain” for a customer
  • Various dull technical projects
  • Slightly more interesting technical projects, looking at automating some things
  • More chats with the consultancy umbrella
  • Catching up with others… I’ve taken a step back recently and, as naff as it sounds, realised just how many really smart people I know…