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09 Aug 2021

9th August 2021

Looking forward and back, 9th August 2021

I’m very wary of journals and journalling, but “work out loud” keeps being recommended more and more, and I’ve seen friends and contacts manage to navigate the line between self-promotion and bluster successfully.

Last week

  • Kept fighting software, won as often as I lost this week I think.
  • Contined playtesting of an online game set in the Vietnam War, had to change my initial plans immediately.
  • Continued discussions of what a general course on strategy would look like with some contacts.
  • Continued thinking around bots, either written in code or “card based”. These would be for my own games, or as an unauthorised addition to other’s games. But this looks like a deep area that should be a sole area of study, and I’m not sure its financially viable.
  • Discussions of applicability of traditional Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery principles to a modern organisation based on cloud services.
  • Had that weird freelancer thing when opportunities look bleak, and then three people contact you in the same morning ( and therefore laughed at the Law of Attraction once again ).
  • Moved and resized some logical volumes and re-learnt just how easy that can be.
  • Learnt the difference between microboredom and existential boredom:
  • Watched Alita Battle Angel, which was underwhelming, but I was temporarily intrigued by how the sport of Motorball would work - for example, how to stop it just being a fight but on a track, what strategies teams would use, how to balance teams but allow variation, and so on… I’ve an initial idea together.
  • Watched Ted Lasso, still too dangerous to watch while eating.
  • Finally finished a little “game” in Inky: Lost Key

This week

  • Keep fighting software, mainly rdiff-backup I expect.
  • More chats with the consultancy umbrella.
  • Other work opportunities are “hovering”.
  • Try to take off more items from my “to do” lists than I add - that didn’t go so well last week.
  • Read a book, again