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Son Of Sun Tzu blog

They keep saying my audience will find me…

24 Jul 2021


Nick intends to keep this site as simple as possible, for easy accessibility by people and programs alike, and also for my benefit.

This blog will have no posting schedule.

Nick is speculative, only trust information from this site as authoritative when appropriate.

Nick’s LinkedIn page is here:

Nick’s work website is here:

Nick is currently trying to answer the following questions, in no particular order:

( with a hat-tip to Meredith for putting this down so plainly, inspired by her list here: )

  • How do you measure the appropriateness of an analogy?
  • How do I help bring the benefits of wargaming into general use?
  • What is the easiest and simplest way to create a platform for text based online games over existing services?
  • How do I enable sidenotes on this blog, inspired by Danila Fedorin’s blog post:
  • What is the offensive equivalent of DAMROD-C; and what are the differences in red team thinking against an adversary, and against an idea?
  • What are “The Uncanny Parallels Between the 1980s Game ‘Frogger’ and Being a CISO”, inspired by
  • Can an average person beat a Grandmaster at chess, if they can make two moves rather than one?
  • What is a strategy, and how do you separate it from doctrine, or tactics, or a plan, or a playbook?
  • Which Monopoly variants are useful and educational?
  • What general strategies improve the likelihood of victory regardless of specific context?

Nick finds writing about himself in the third person both amusing and challenging.