Making a mockery of RSS I'm just posting this because it's bound to be of use, to someone, on the Internet, once.

  • Double pair rear fans - 12V 0.6A 92mm wide, 25mm deep - both have 4 pins but are amalgamated in the shroud into 6 pins coming out - max rpm 4042 from Thermal option in BIOS, marked as "chassis"
  • Front bottom fan - 12V 0.24A 4 pins, 80mm wide, 25mm deep - uses plastic clips not screws, so will need replacements for those if you replace the fan - fan with my Z600 with can't be oiled, max rpm 3158 from Thermal option in bios, marked as "PCI"
  • Two separate processor fans - 12v 0.40A, 80mm wide, 15mm deep - can't be deeper due to mounting
  • Top / Memory fan - 12V 0.50A 80mm wide 25mm deep - fan says 495659-001 on it, shroud is 468628-001 - marked as "memory" in Thermal section in the BIOS
  • Small fan - 12V 0.15A 4 pins - 40mm wide, 19mm deep - I think max rpm 8438 from Thermal option in bios, marked "chipset"
  • Power supply fans are 2 x 60mm x 25mm according to HP website

If you can advise on OEM replacements, especially quieter versions, comments are welcome. Note that all of the fans appear to do a speed test as the machine starts.