Thank you to everyone who braved the cold and made it to my presentation at DC4420.

A description of the presentation can be found here; and details about DC4420 can be found here.

A few notes from slides that I probably flew right past during the live talk:

The PDF of Chris Sumner's presentation from HackFest Canada is... around somewhere, I'll check with Chris and update this blog post.

Jayson Street's presentation on global hacker culture and hacker history can be watched here.

J4vv4d's blog post that I grabbed a couple of quotes from is here.

Tanya Snook's article is here.

The presentation by Fraser and I from DevSecCon is here, and I may or may not have generated enough intestinal fortitude to watch that by the time you're reading this.

If you want to ruin your enjoyment of media, go to

You really should be watching Scorpion.

The concept of Neo Tactics comes from Mike Bond's "Boom! Headshot!" research paper, the paper is here, and a PDF of the presentation is here.

The manual for the First Earth Battalion is here.

And, er, that's it - which probably wasn't the information you were after. It's been suggested I give the presentation elsewhere, so if I put more work into it I'll put in some links to the YouTube players who provide good examples of hacks, and other references in the talk.

And if anyone can help me understand XBox360 game save file formats, or help me track down a copy of Raven's Cry, please respond in the comments...