Well actually, I didn't, it just feels like it.

This really hit home - http://puttylike.com/is-this-the-biggest-multipotentialite-fear/ ; it's a quick coffee break sized read, and if this covers your views on procrastination or commitment: "This is the fear that I suspect might be the most toxic fear of all:What about my freedom? What if I want to do something else later? What if I change my mind?" then you'll enjoy it, you might even get that wonderful "how did you get into my head?!?!" feeling.

I haven't felt quite like this for a while, the last time was reading Daniel Miessler's blogs on Free Will, I think https://danielmiessler.com/blog/honesty-multiple-truths/ is the one that really made me envious that a half-formed idea from my head was put so well, and so succinctly.

And yes, I know, but trackbacks, how do they work?